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airport transfer from bali airport to islands
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airport transfer from bali airport to islands

Since 1932 Bali has been known by the European. Bali was introduced by some famous painters from Europe in the past. They came to Bali were invited by the King of Ubud his name Cokorda Sukawati. The European artists of painters created a lot of paintings art with entitle of Balinese's life. The painting were always told us about the local culture and tradition of Bali. Beside that Bali is rich of culture and art, Bali also has many places of nature sanctuary like mountainous, rice field and beaches.

Even until now Bali is still the one of biggest tourism destination in the world. The tourists come from around the world want to see the beautiful island with good weather along the year. There is around 7 up to 12 million tourists attacted this island yearly. They love the weather, they like the foods, feel safe and friendly people. In exploring this island to visit beautiful places which spread out whole around on the Island of God. All the trip need a transport. Using local driver is a good way to go around here. There are so many transports service on this island that can see some places like street driver, beaches driver and many more. They can operate everywhere and whenever with their ability in driving. No doubt using a local driver. They are running their business is legal, all of the car are already in good system of safety and security.

If you need a local driver in Bali with good service and safe is a bit hard to find out it. But if you need it without specific service is so easy getting it. So, you need a bit selective to choose the driver. Please find out your good driver and also safe. I am an English speaking driver with a good knowledge of local geneous, culture, tradition will be pleased to serve you to take you around. Lets exploring the beyond Bali as well.

Bali is an unique island, the tourism industry of Bali is based on the local culture and nature views that making Bali more and more popular to be the most popular tourism destination in the world.

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Lets travel Bali!

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airport transfer from bali airport to islands

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