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airport transfer from bali airport to islands
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airport transfer from bali airport to islands

How are you, what is your planing in this year? Any idea to come to Bali? Now, its so easy to organize a transport and others. Whatever you want to do just take the phone up and play it. So simple. Its also so easy to organize a traveling around the world as long as the money with you. The technology of communication is so great now. Everything is on your hand now.

To make a plan to traveling is not difficult anymore. There are a lot of destinations tourism in the world which has a great places that make the people interested in visiting it.

Bali is still number one in Asia as the best tourism industry in category of culture and nature tourism. Be proud to be Balinese which has a lot of beautiful and unique caltures and traditions. In this small island the culture and tradition can grow up well without discrimanation at all. The people is with high tolerance to all the religion and culture make Bali is so unique and interesting.

Till now Bali still has strong magnet to invite every one coming to Bali for a vocation. It gets around 7 million until 12 million the tourists visit Bali, that is a fantastic number. And all of them must need transport to go around in Bali.

There are so many transportation service here but not all of them have good service. To get good service in driving you need a bit selective to find out the transport on the paradise island. You can explore on the internet about the cost and the quality of the driver service.

I am a local driver, was born and grew up here. I love Bali, I love my village so much I love my job. I do understand and I know a lot of the local genouse, tradition, culture and also custume village system. Its much better you use the a local driver with good and right information than non local.

I will be pleased to serve you traveling in Bali. I serve the transfer from airport to hotel and return, also do touring around Bali. I have a package tour to the north coast, east coast, South coast and go to in land, the middle land.

North Coast Tour is you will explore the north part of Bali Island. There are so many beautiful places can see there such as botanical garden, lakes, mountain, water fall and beautiful old and unique temple. It takes all day, around 10 hours. The package tour included driver, petrol, car, and mineral dringking water.

East Coast Tour is going to the east part of Bali which is rich of unique calture and beautiful panorama such beaches, rice field, river with clear and fresh water and get many old and interesting temple with unique hand ornament carving. The people also very friendly there.

In the south of Bali is much.different than the others due to the landscape is getting lower from the north to south. The beaches in the south area look more challance as the wave is much bigger and high. And the sand of the beach is white. Moreover the location is so close to the airport, so easy to reach it by vehicle.

In the land, the views look so rich of flora and.fauna with amazing plantation such as coffee, fruits with nice and sweet taste, rice paddy with nuance ritual traditional. This side is also very popular with interesting scenery and full of culture and unique traditions.

Lets going to all the above side to see more about the God of Island. Exploring it by using the local transport service.

If you need transport in Bali to explore this ialand, please find me on email: [email protected] or on WA : +6287862138837.

Trust me and I will prove it!

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