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airport transfer from bali airport to outside
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airport transfer from bali airport to outside

Hello every one,

In making a plan to travel to Bali you need to know a little bit description of the destinations in Bali due to there are a lot of attractions and ceremonies or local traditional events before coming to Bali.

One of those traditional ceremonies is a Unique Ceremony called MESANGIH or METATAH or tooth cutting ceremony. This ceremony is conducted in special moment that based on Balinese Calender not Lunar Calender. Its not periodic event but this ceremony is done when a family has kids that have just go into or in teneegers age. This ceremony is very important in Bali which has special funtional for Hindu Bali. A tooth cutting ceremony is something worth seeing and its very joyous occasion. Every tooth's Balinese is cutted. A Metatah is very costly, there are so many involved ; many symbol of thing has to be built; offerings in the form of beautiful ornaments has to be carved. Also the hundred of people who come to help to be entertained with foods, cigarettes, drinks, cakes and other thing.

The symbol of character is a means to netralize the bad characters of human beeing. They are not really an essential part of any creation. But because of the seriusly of man everyone tries to make of his metatah ceremony is an important rituals by making splendid ornaments and a lot of foods.

If a poor man to do this ceremony, they can save money after the family has saved enough money for the such ceremony. The can do this ceremony when the kids getting married.

To see the Metatah or tooth cut ceremony you can come to Bali during July-August of the year. The people do Metatah ceremony during that time because the weather is really good, not hot and not cold, it is just nice weather. Please come that time if you want to see that ceremony.

If you go with us you are not really need the itenerary of your trip, you just come and join with us, a local driver. There are a lot of drivers whichs spread out everywhere in Bali mainly in tourism area such as at Kuta, Nusa Dua and Ubud.

You can not find out the Uber transport service in Bali due to its no allowed operate at certain areas because of the local law. The using of application system of transportation service is so great recently. There are so many applications system transport whichs operated legally here. Its so easy, faster and also good price but to make your vacation running well and memorable is better you use a conventional local driver service. Its easier, good price and good safety. If you use the application system transport would be a bit complicated as the area of the on lines system transportation is very limited. They can operate at certain area only, its no allowed operate at strategic areas.

If you need a transport service to go anywhere in Bali, would you like to find me on

Email : [email protected] or Whatsapp : +62 81 933 017 063

Facebook : jeshenybali

Please ask me for further informations.

I hope can see you in Bali.

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