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airport transfer from bali airport to ubud
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airport transfer from bali airport to ubud

The one of most popular destination tourism in Bali is the rice field view moreover the rice field with beautiful terraces. This view makes our eyes feel so fresh and green. The rice is as steaple food for the people.

The agriculture in Bali is still strong and massive as a good profession of Balinese. Its around more than 75% of 3.5 million population of Bali working in this sector eventhough no many young generations interested to work on the rice field or to be a farmer.

Bali is as a destination tourism in the world still consistence to commit how to build the good system of irrigation for the agriculture as resources of tourism industry in Indonesia gereally and Bali specially. The Balines realize that all the cultures and traditions in Bali are started from the daily activities of the locals, such as how to grow the rice until how to crop it in the harvest season. In doing their activities are always carried on the rituals or certain ceremony related to the agriculture event.

All of the activities that related to agriculture are managed by their own organisation is called Subak. Subak is an old organisation that built by the farmers in Bali. Every farmer has to be part or member of Subak. Subak also has a temple where the Dewi Sri is worshipped as the Goddes of rice. And every farmer build a shrine on the rice field where the offerings are presented to Her.

According to the history of Bali Island that Subak and all of their rituals and traditions have been doing since 11 century. It was long time ago around thousand years ago and still doing up now. Because the agriculture mainly rice field is massive and as major productivity in Bali thats why the rice field get every where and enjoyable.

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