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bali driver and guide private tours local
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bali driver and guide private tours local

For those who want to see the monkeys in the forest, you can visit one place with a beautiful forest due to the monkeys are inhabited in it. The monkeys look very, happy and healthy in there because they can get a lot of foods, such as beans and leafs from the trees. The big trees is so very honored by the locals as the spirit gets on it. The people don't respect or honor to the trees but they respect to the spirit of the trees. That's why there are a lot of big trees are dressed up by the people. In the tradiition of Hindu Bali is mentioned that the Balinese are really respect to the nature and their environment. In their daily life they make offerings then presenting to the Gods.

The Monkey Forest is looked after well by a good management that was build by the people who live in that area. The village where the monkey forest is called Ubud District and the name of the forest is called Ubud Monkey Forest or Wana Wenara. Monkey forest can give a lot of benefits to the village. How could be done? There are hundreds even thousands of the tourists come to this place to have a look about this beautiful place every day. Its not free if you want to visit this place. You would be charged IDR 80.000 for each person for donation. The money you pay there will be used to maintain the all of facilities and the staffs. You will look after well by the staffs while you are in the forest. They are very friendly and helpful to everyone who visit it.

In the forest gets also some temples, such as village temple, cremation temple and sacred forest temple. So, there are three different temples in there. Each of the temple has different day of ceremony is called odalan. On the day of ceremony the temple looks so colorful and beautiful. The temple ceremony come every six months whichs based on Balinese Calender.

The best time to visit the monkey forest is in the afternoon around at lunch time because in that time the monkeys get down from the treess for eating. This moment is so good to see monkeys in closely and for selfie. But its no recommended to feed the monkeys because its dangerous. Only get one type of monkey there is called Macaca Vasicularis with grey color and long tile. They are small monkey but so active and a little bit aggresive some time. No good to bring any foods to inside because they will come to you want to get the foods from you. They can smell the foods thatnyou bring even you are a bit far distance from them.

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