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bali driver and guide private tours local
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bali driver and guide private tours local

The village is called Belaluan. Belaluan has two words, Bela/bala and Luan. Bala is the soldier and Luan means the upper. So, Belaluan means the soldier who are in the upper reaches of the village.

Belaluan Village is located in the country side that hiden among other villages. It is near Ubud around 20 minutes from Ubud Town. Because the location of the village is inside thats why the village is very quite and peaceful. The atmosfer of the village is still pure, virgin, no much changed of people's life style and less modernitation occour. It is good for staying and relaxing but no one villa or hotel at all yet. There are just some homestays belong to the villagers. The tourists can stay in homestay. This village is so easy to accessed from other spots, such as markets, shops and restaurants. Mostly the people here are farmers, nearly 80% of 200 families and every family has 2-4 people who live in a compound.

The place is also good for staying in a few days. The villagers are very warm and welcome to investors and moreover to the tourists. They would like to invite the tourists to intorduce the their local culture and tradition. This is a different experience for you to explore the real traditional village with a lot of rituals and traditional ceremony events, such as village temple ceremony, cremation ceremony and many others. There are three main temple in this village, they are Pura Desa or Desa Temple, Pura Puseh or Puseh Temple and Pura Dalem or Dalem Temple. Each of temple has a different day of anniversary or odalan which is celebrated every six month or 210 days. Pura Desa or Desa Temple is dedicated to Lord Brahma is one of the manifestation of The God in Tri Murti concept is as a creater. Lord Wisnu is a maintainer and Lord Ciwa is a destroier. This is a concept of Hindu Bali.

This village is just like Ubud was 1970 which mostly the houses are still look very traditional and unique. The wall of houses are made of special muds. The people live in a compound together with a big family get brothers, sister and parents there. Together live is still very strong in this village. Their life style is still very traditional and simply.

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