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bali driver and guide private tours local
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bali driver and guide private tours local

What do you think about Bali? Its just about beach or attractions or mountains or rice field only for you? No, Its no right. Bali is one of the best destination tourism in the world because of its culture, nature panoramas and traditions. There are so many beautiful places in Bali. The people are also friendly, the weather is so nice, the food also has deliciouse taste.

Mostly the people or tourists who come to Bali want to see its culture and traditions. Bali is so rich of culture and traditions. All of the local culture and traditions were born from the life of the formers. Everything the people do basicly from local genouse, manners and the custumery village syatem which applied in their life strongly.

These culture makes Bali looks so unique and different than the others in Indonesia. One of culture which so famous with the show of the dance is called Barong Dance. The Barong is a holy survival animal figures, very venerated in Bali. Many people in south Bali have Barong in their temple. Some communities build a special temple just for the Barong. There are many types of Barong, the name of Barong depends on the mask the Barong wears. A Barong Bangkal wears a mask of a boar. A Barong with a tiger mask on is called Barong Macan. So there are Barong Gajah or elephant, Barong Naga, Barong Sampi or lembu, cow, Barong Ket. The mask of this Barong does not merespons to any living animal. Its purely mythical and accordingly its the holliest Barong. India has not Barong figure, so it is purely a Balinese figure.

There are two other Barong types with mask of human beings. One is the Barong Landung and the other is Barong Brutuk, only found or worshiped in the village of Trunyan, an ancient village on the back of lake Batur. The Barong Landung is a couple and there are sometimes children too. The Male Barong Landung is a black figure, the famale Barong wears a white mask and the children are one boy and one girl and sometime there are two girls. These Barong Landung are dressed like human beings.

With the Barong there is always the Rangda, such as the two some Barong Ket or Ketket and the Rangda. The Balinese are taught that God created twosomes, such as day and night, high and low, good and bad, in short pairs of opposite forces. These pairs of antagonistic forces cul-miates in Life and Death.

The Barong, although looking very ferociously, represents good and the Rangda looks and is avil. This Barong and Rangda pair represent the eternal fight between good and Evil in man and in the world.

The show of the Barong Dance is presented at Batubulan village daily but this show is just for entertaiment not for ritual or sacred dance. The Is show started at 09.30 to 10.30 am with duration 1 hour. To visit this village takes about 1 hour from Kuta, Nusa Dua and Seminyak area in driving. From this village to Ubud is about only 35 minutes by car. This place has nice location is very strategic place.

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I.hope can see you in Bali

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