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bali driver and private tour guide in bali 2020
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bali driver and private tour guide in bali 2020

Bali Island and its culture, tradition, cullinary and art and handycrafts are very popular in the world. Now Bali is really really go International and become a best destination tourism in the world. Every one knows about Bali. The name of Bali is like an icon of tourism in the world. There are a lot of people really want to visit this island before past away. 

If you need a transport  service to go around in Bali just join with a local konvensional drivers. They have a good local knowledge of culture, tradition and local attitude. Of course they really know a lot of locals genouse as well. They can speak in English well.

I am an English Speaking Driver from Bali, I was born here. So, I know a lot of local genouse of Bali Island. I know about the local culture, foods, tradition, attitude. The food of locals is very delisious taste as well but a bit hot spicy usually. You should try to taste the Balinese foods. Once you got it and then I am.sure you want to try again and again.

Street food is one of Balinese food which has a beautiful taste and flavor even looks a bit no highines but its ok. You can find out it a loong the road villages, tradisional market or in the town. The materials of foods are made of local receipts which are very variants. You need a bit extra eport to find out the nice and highines stall which avaiable Balinese foods. Even the service is not as good as at the reataurant but the taste is more nice and of course with a different experience.

To see and knowing more about Bali lets explore it with me. Feel and enjoy the paradise island as you please. Please you choose about your destinations and then tell me...so next lets do it with a pro local driver. Thats me!

Please find me on email: [email protected] or

Whatsapp : +62 81 933 017 063

Facebook : jeaheny bali

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