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bali driver guide private tours day
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bali driver guide private tours day

There are so many to do in your Bali vacation. Generally, there are three catagories of the tour types. The first one is sightseeing tour, second one is adventure and the third one is the cruise tour.

The sightseeing tour is the trip which has a destination going to the places with beautiful panorama, the culture, tradition, cullinery, and other things related to seeing views, i.e visiting temple, villages, visiting rice field, monkey forest, waterfall and many others.

The adventure is the activities are done in nature place or non nature place which has a challange and much fun, such as white water rafting, mountain trekking, rice field cycling, quad bike, elephant riding, paragliding, water sport and many others.

The cruise is the activities or tours which mostly are done on the water and going to the other places by crossing the ocean using ferry boat, sail boat or fast boat and enjoying the beach and the ocean. The cruises activities are included such as day cruise visiting Penida Island, Lembongan Island, Lombok Island and Komodo Island. During the day cruise on the way to the destination you can do other activities such as fishing, snorkeling and diving for additional activities.

The sunrise trekking is very famous now. This is trip has a good challange to test your physical and enjoying the view of the second highest active volcano in Bali. The peak of this mount is around 1.117 meter above the sea level with full of ribbon that covered the foot of mount. The last eruption of this mount was in 2000 without got any victim at all. The biggest eruption was 1962, 1972.. and many more after those years later.

The soil around here is very vertile whatever you want to plant must be grow up well. The most of the plantations whichs planted here are coffee, cocoa, cinamon, clove, fruit trees and many other plantations. The most popular coffee is Bali coffee and most expensive one is Luwak coffee. Mainly, the luwak coffee is very unique as the process of making and where the coffee beans are from. Have you heard about this story, a true story that the coffee beans are from the poe of Luwak animal. In the tropical island like Bali gets a lot of this animals. They are quite aggresive animal but they just get out in the night time. They can eat the coffee beans straightly from the trees but they just eat the ripe well one. For more explanation and the place please come there.

Mostly the people who live at nearby volcano has a wide land to grow the coffee plantations. They also can grow other plantations such as orranges fruit, mangosteen, fineaple and many more. We can stop to see in closely about the process of making normal coffee and Luwak coffee. At the place you can try some free taster to taste of the local coffees.

You have to visit this place before going home. You can go there by a car but make it easy, just get a local driver. I am an English speaking driver be pleased to serve you in full day tour.

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