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bali driver price list and tour guide local
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bali driver price list and tour guide local

The best view of Rice Field in Bali is called Jatiluwih. Jatiluwih is a name of the region in Tabanan Regency. Jatiluwih means so true beautiful. This area is full of rice plantation with lots of terraces. The people who live in this area are the farmers who work on the rice field as their main profession. The rice field looks so beautiful because consist of many terraces. The terraces are built to make easier in irrigating the field due to the lanscape is much steep but the soil is very rich.

Subak is the system of irrigation belong to the farmers thats built by themselves. This traditional irrigation system has been doing since 11 century. Because the Subak has unique system of irrigation in rice field thats why the Unesco officially established that Jatiluwih is as the world herritage. The air is so fresh and clear here due to far away from the town, its hidden of the village. The temperatur of this place is always in between around 19-20 degree celcius during the day. Its not cold at all but nice atmosfer.

Once The President of American Barrack Obama has been visited this place for refreshing and he like it so much. He said that the view there is so amazing and very rare in the world. He loves it. Of course this moment was used by Bali Goverment to promote this place is as the best and widest rice field view in Bali. Since that time Jatiluwih visited by the tourists from around the world increasing up.

The visitor can explore Jatiluwih by driving clasic car like Volks Wagen or by riding push bike to enjoy the beautiful view. You can rent car or bike there for the extra activities. Normally, the visitor just walk around while taking photos or just for selfie. The best time to come here is when the rice trees in growing up time.

How to go there? The best way to come there by car. You can rent a driver and car with good service and reasonable price. It is around 2.5 hours driving from Kuta, Nusa Dua. The road is really good condition and a bit quite.

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