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bali driver private service day tour regency bali indonesia
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bali driver private service day tour regency bali indonesia

Hello all,

I don't know you, who you are? 

Here is just an information regarding the transportation service of tourism industry in Bali. Whoever you are, if you have a plan to take a vacation travelling to Bali this year but you are still confuse which area you would like to stay and see? Don not be confuse!

My advice is just come to Bali, no worries about the itineraries trip without it you can make it easy here. Where you want to go and whenever you want to go, it doesn't matter as I do a flexible trip is called the island as you please tour. It is no limit areas. You say I do. You can choose which area you want to go and what a special experience you want? Probably you are interested in exploring about Balinese culture, tradition, cullinary or arts-handycraffts.

The local Balinese culture is as the soul of the local's life and now it is used as source or a basic aspect of tourism industry in Bali which is based on Hindu's way as the major religion on this island. The Balinese is really concern in rituals and local traditions. Each day has a good time to do certain rituals or ceremonies. There is no day without ceremony in Bali. The people believe what they do is for the good karma. Whatever they do must get a result will come to you as the impact of your actions. The good you do the good you accepted. The Karma is so strong in daily life of Balinese on this island.

Wherever and whenever you go of course you can see the prosesion of rituals or ceremony, such as temple ceremony, crematiion ceremony, wedding and filing teets ceremony. All of the rituals and ceremony are the part of culture and tradition belong to Balinese. Mostly the rituals and ceremonies are done in different time, I mean that the rituals and ceremonies has different day for each other thats why whenever you come to Bali you can see them. The rituals and ceremonies are as atractions of tourism activities in Bali because those are unique and interesting to see for the tourist. There are a lot of tourists request special tour which has a presentation of local culture and tradition.

If you need a transport service to go to some interesting places such as Monkey Forest sanctuary, ricefield, visiting temple, wacthing the show of traditional dance, and other interesting thing pease just using a local driver with speaking in English.

The monkey forest is really protected and honored by the locals due to the forest is very important in human life. Factually, we need oksigen for breathing as we know the oksigen is created by the trees. Looking after well the trees mean we really care to our environment where we live.

In our Hindus belief mantioned that gets a great old evic is called Ramayana ancient evic. This story from India where the Hinduism is from. On this story told that a King of Ayodia his name Rama has the servant from monkey. He use the monkey as his army to help and protect his country from the enemies. The monkey is very loyal to his majesty and king is appreciated to the monkey very much. Thats why the monkey is honored by the locals.

In Bali there are several monkey forests, one of them is in Ubud. The monkey forest is in the heart of Ubud Town, its around only 7 minutes from center. Its the best monkey forest in Bali as the monkey here is quite friendly and safe to be visited. And also the facilities, service, and others are so nice. The forest looks so green, fresh and gets many monkey in there. Recording the staff of monkey forest there are around 700 monkey all together and seperated to be 5 groups which is each group or gang is leaded by a strongest one as a leader usually. Each of group or gang is cologned and ruled an area as their teritorial. When a monkey from different gang come into the other teritorial of the other group must get a fighting. They can bite to each other untill get a heart even till die. All the monkey has the same type is called Macaca Pascicularris with the grey colour.

In the forest gets some temples but the main one is a sacreed forest temple and the others are cemetery temple and village temple. The people believe that the forest is look after and rule over by the God of forest in local name is called Dewa Tumuwuh. So, the secred temple is dedicated to the God of forest.

There are so many visitor come to this place to have a look and want to do interaction with the monkey but must be careful. Its an exciting to experience walking in the forest with lots of monkey.

If you really want to get new and exciting experience, please come to the monkey forest. You can go there by scooter or car whenever. I can serve you in driving for half day tour or full day tour. Please find me on : my email : [email protected]

Or facebook : jesheny bali or

Whatsapp : +62 81 933 017 063

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