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bali driver taxi full day
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bali driver taxi full day

Bali is still number one as the best island for holiday. Bali has many names that related the tourism, such as Morning Paradise Island, The Gods Island, The Thousand Temple Island and many others. The tourism industry is the second biggets sector business in Bali after the agriculture and marine. Bali is a unique island due to the the culture and tradition of her. There are so many intersting and beautiful places need to be visited.

The best time to visit Bali is during the dry season start from June to August every year as the temperture is in between around 21-22 degree celcius during the day and humidity is around 75%-85%. Don't worries, the weather in Bali is warm along the year generally, so whenever you want to visit Bali is fine. Due to Paradise Island is really close to the Equator Lines thats why it makes the Island has a nice weather all the time. That is really good place for taking sun bathing, sun set, sun rice, sand beach and to do any other activities such as adventures; white water rafting, rice field cycling, atv riding, quad bike, elephant riding, hourse riding and many more.

The sightseeing tour is one of favorite activity for who really excite about, culture and tradition of Balinese. To see and to know more about Bali you have to go to the country side where the locals live. You need a transport service to explore the this island with so many beautiful places.

To find the local transport service in Bali is so easy but you need a little bit extra sport to find out it.

The most important in doing holiday is the safety. Without a good safety must be the people don't want to use it. The equipments and facilities of the car must be in very well all the time. We do a checking the condition of the vehicle regulary.

Take it easy! If you need a transport service, please join with us. So easy to get a transport in Bali. You can get a street driver, beach driver or hotel driver with speaking in English. I am Jesna, one of Balinese driver will be pleased serve you in exploring the Island.

I serve you privately or grouping as well, you can choose which area you want to go, as you please. We are ready to serve you in transfers airport - hotel and return also tours. My goal is able serve you in best way and safety. Flexibility is my service for you.

I used to worked at a few of big travel agents in Bali which belong to foreigners for quite long time. I stop worked at travel agent now because I want to be independent, work by myself. Be an independent driver I can do more things in my services for my clients are from around the world.

My price is really reasonable and be able to fight to the others. If you need a transport service in Bali please feel free to find me on internet,

My Email: [email protected] or

Whatsapp : +62 81 933 017 063


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