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bali driver tour service

Bali consist of many large and small communities. There are communities within communities. Families form communities called Dadia. A Dadia consists of families who believe that they come from one common ancestry. Many Dadia form Clans. In Bali there are many Clans, such as the Pasek Clan, the Pande Clan, Penyarikan Clan and Clans of the nobilities, such as Arya Kenceng Clan, Satriya Dalem Clan and many more. People who live in one banjar form the commuity is called banjar. Farmers form the communities of farmer, called Subak. Whitin the banjar people can organize themselves into groups whose work is harvesting, planting, catching squirrels, picking coconuts, digging tunnels etc. There are sekaa Kidung, Singing group, sekaa Kekawin, a group of people who study the old sanskrit text, sekaa pancing, the fishing group and many more.

All these communities have temple. The temple where a Dadia worships is caĺled Pura Dadia. The Clans worship in the Pedarman. In the Pura Besakih Complex one has a Pedarman of every Clan and group of nobilities, such as Pedarman Pande, Pedarman Pasek, Pedarman Kaba- kaba, nobilities form the village of kaba-kaba, Pedarman Sukawati, Pedarman Dalem Klungkung, the ruling nobilities of Klungkung etc.

Hinduism in Bali differs somewhat from Hinduism in India. The cow in India is very holly, but not so in Bali. The cow in Bali is holly as a wooden animal, sarcophagus, in the cremation ceremony. The corpse is burned in such a wooden animal. The people eat beef; only the members of the Brahmin caste do not eat beef in reverence to the cow Nandi, the mount of Lord Siwa.

In Bali no animal is holly because they are animals. An animal is holly only when it lives in a holy place. The monkeys in Alas Pala, forest of Pala trees, at Sangeh are holly because they live in holly place, i.e. The Alas Pala, the monkey forest for the tourists. There is near Kusamba a cave inhabited by thousands of bats. The place is holly for the Balinese and although people eat bats they do not catch the bats there which would be very easy, because the bats are holly, they live in a holy place. Eels are holy because they live in a holy pond. Outside the pond eels are caught and eaten.

Some trees are holy because they are so large and because of its size people  believe that spirits live there. So, the trees are holy. Such tress are banyan tree, kepuh treess, pule trees and other large trees. Dancing masks are not made of just any woods. The wood must be that of holy trees; the wood of the pule tree is preferred to any other trees. Mask of Rangda and Barong are carves of this wood. Pule trees usually get on the cemeteries lànd and near the cemeteries are the pura dalem. Barongs whose masks are made of the some trees, no matter where the Barong come from are considered brothers. Every time the wood of the masks come from the Barong go there to pay homage to the God of that Pura Dalem.

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