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bali driver tour service
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bali driver tour service

If you need a transport service in Bali to use go around for exploring please just find me on my email : [email protected] or whatsapp : +62 87 862 138 837

Facebook : jes-hey harmaningsih

I am a local driver who can speak in English with Balinese accent. By speaking in English I can get a chance to work to be a driver and guide for tourists come from around the world. Honestly, learning English is very hard, I have been learning English since when I was 12 years old at first high school in the village is called Singapadu. This village is very famous for its arts mainly stone carving and statues making. The figures of statues are about God and godess of Hinduism. The type of stones are local soft sand stone, get from the along banks of rivers and valeis. The buyers are mostly locals because there are so many temples, hotels, villas, reataurants and private house which need a lot of stuffs for decorations. Here you can see the people are carving the stone by hand. Yes, its done by hand totaly, thats why is called handycraffrts.

So intersting that every village in Bali has something unique is made by the villagers. Every village has special talents of villagers; the people are really good in making wood statues, painting arts, traditional cloths making and many others. They are very welcome to the tourists who want to see it closely.

Singapadu is very strong with culture and arts generally. There are a lot of artists live in Singapadu village but before become an artist they learn the skill of making arts stuffs from another village. When they know how to make it and the processing, then they got back home to their village to apply the skill and expand it.

How to see it? Lets go with me, a local driver and guide as well.

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