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bali local driver tour guide
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bali local driver tour guide

If one drives through the country side and sees a clump or cluster of trees in the distance one is sure to find a village or at least a settlement in it. The farmers live in such a desa or village and the desa is the social unit in Bali. A desa consists of smaller units, the pekarangan or compound, where the whole family lives. Such a pekarangan is a walled area with a gate in front that the only entrance to it. Behind such a compound there is always a back yard where banboo, fruit trees and other plants grow and where the cowsheds are built. Also in the compound itself there are other fruit trees, such as papaya, banana and nangka or jackfruit.

A fullfledged or complete village must has at least three temple, i.e the Pura Puseh where the founders of the village are worshipped and where Lord Brahma resides, the Pura Desa where the activities of the village manifest and where Lord Wisnu is worshipped and Pura Dalem, where the souls of the dead are judged whether they go to heaven or hell. The Pura Dalem is of course the domain of Lord Siwa, the destroyer.

The desa has two functions, a religious and social one. The religious function lies in the maintenance of the three main temples and their religious celebrations and exorcims of demonic hordes in the village in order to maintain the cosmic order or balance of the territory of the desa, thus to ensure the welfare of the village and the people. The villagers do this by worshipping the divine powers by bringing offering to the temple on their anniversary days and exorcising the demonic forces by giving them sacrificial offerings.

Belaluan Village is one of old villages in a desa, Singapadu. This village has strategic location because its near by Ubud Distric which is really famous for its arts and handycrafts. Belaluan Village is just on the way to Ubud, only around 15 minutes from there.

Lets try exploring the unique village to experience different scane.

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