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bali private tour guide and driver in bali 2018
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bali private tour guide and driver in bali 2018

Hello everybody, I hope you are well all.

I really would like to advice you if you want to visit Bali as your destination at this time for leisure, please pay a attention to the season of Bali. The quality of your vacation is also influenced by the weather very much. So, you have to know about the season of the country you are going.

As I know that the best time to visit Bali is during  the month of June - August with the best temperture in between around 21-22 degree celcius daily. But don't worries due to the weather in Bali is warm along the year generally, so whenever visiting Bali is fine. But please note that out side of the range above time, the weather is still warm but will get a much rain during September to February. And back to dry season again start.from October to April.

Paradise  Island is really close to the Equator Line thats why it makes the Island is with  so nice weather all the time. Thats really good for taking sun bathing, sun set, sun rice, sand beach and to do any other activities, such as sightseeing tour and adventure tours.

Sightseeing tour is one of favorite tour for who really existing to nature, culture and tradition of Balinese. To see and to know more about Bali you have to go to the country side where the locals live. You need a transport service in exploring the Paradise Island with so many beautiful panoramas and also good for other adventure tours.

Finding the local transport in Bali is quite easy but keep being carefull. You must be selective to use a transportation service here because its not all the drivers have a license in running their transport service business. There are quite a lot of drivers doing an ilegal transport service for the tourists. Thats why you need a bit extra eport to find out it.

The most important thing in doing holiday is the safety. The equipments and facilities of the car must be in very well all the time. The seats belt, air conditioning, the wheels and so on. The drinking water must be highines and healthy.

If you want to go around in Bali with local driver? Take it easy! You just joint with a local transport service with conventional system than using on line system. So easy to get transportation in Paradise Island. You can get a street driver, beach driver or hotel driver in English.Speaking. I am Jesna one of Balinese Driver will be pleased to serve you in exploring the Island with enjoyable driving and informative during the tour.

I serve you privately or group, as you want. I serve you in transfers airport - hotel and return also tours. My goal is serving you in best way and safety. Flexibility is my part of service for you. Lets go...wherever and whenever you want.

I use to worked at a few of big travel agent companies for quite long time. But finaly, I stop worked at travel agent. Now I want to work by myself, be independent in order can do more things in my services for my clients which are from around the world.

My price is so reasonable and able to fight to my competitor. If you need a transport service in Bali with good safty and service please feel free to see me on internet, my Email [email protected] or

WA +6287862138837

Facebook : jesheny bali

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