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bali tour driver and transport service
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bali tour driver and transport service

Hello all,

In making a plan travelling to Bali you need a little bit description of the destination in Bali. There are a lot of attractions and ceremony or local traditional events you need to know before coming to Bali.

One of those traditional ceremonies is a Unique Cremation Ceremony. This ceremony is carried out in certain time based on Balinese Calender. This ceremony is very famous in Bali which has special functional for Balinese. A cremation is something worth seeing and its very joyous occasion. Sooner or later every Balinese is cremated. A creamation is very costly, there are so many involved ; A ctramrion tower has to be built; a sarcophagus in the form of a lembu, bull, singa or lion, gajah mina or fish body with an elephant head has to be carved. Also the hundred of people who come to help to be entertained with foods, cigarettes and other thing.

The tower is a means to carry the body to the cemetery and the sarcophagus is where the corps is burned. They are not really an essential part of any creation and so a cremation can do without them. But because of the vanity of man everyone tries to make of his creamtion is a spectaculer show by building splendid tower and sarcopgaguses.

But the tower is also a status symbol as is the sarcophagus. The status sambil is in the number of tiers a tower can have. The number of tiers of a tower is always odd, i.e. 3,5,7,9,11.

Elegan is the highest number. Long and their family and members of Brahmin caste are entitled to a tower of 11 tiers. Ksatriyas can have a tower of 9, Weisya of 7 and Sudras of 5. A lembu or bull is for kings and their family and the Brahmin Caste. Ksatryas are burnt on singa or lion and weisya is the same sarcophagus as the ksatriyas and the sudras have the gajah mina. Because of the tower and the sarcophagus being a status sambil a cremation is very seldom without them.

If a poor man dies his body is burried first and after many years, after the family has saved enough money for a cremation, his body will be cremated. If a priest dies, because he is a holly man, he is not allowed to be buried, even if the family of the priest is poor. His corpse must be cremated. From the time he dies until the day of his cremation his body is kept in the home. This also happens to the dead of the royal family.

To see the cremation ceremony you can come to Bali during July to August. The people do cremation ceremony during that months because of the wether is really good. Please come that time if you want to see it.

If you want to book your trip through a travel agent, sure you will get your itenerary in complete, but if you go with me you are not really need it, you just come and join with me, a local driver. There are a lot of drivers whichs spread out everywhere in Bali mainly in tourism area such as at Kuta, Nusa Dua and Ubud.

You can not find the Uber transport service in Bali due to its no allowed operate everywhere because of the local law. The impovment of application system of transportation service is so great recently. There are so many applications system transport which operate legally here. Its so easy, faster and also good price but to make your vacation running well and memorable is better you use a conventional local driver service. Its easier, good price and good safety. If you use the application system transport would be a bit complicated as the area of the on lines system transportation is very limited. They can operate at certain area only, its no allowed operate at strategic areas.

If you need a transport service to go anywhere in Bali, would you like to find me on Email : [email protected] or Whatsapp : +62 87 862 138 837

Please ask me for further information.

I hope can see you in Bali.

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