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bali tour driver and transport service package
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bali tour driver and transport service package

Hello all..

If you need a transport to explore the Island of Bali, just call me.

I will be pleased to serve you in driving while you are in Bali. I am an English speaking local driver who born and grew up here, been working as a driver especially in tourism industry since 2002. I got a lot the eexperiences in driving to whole around Bali. I know the hot spot, the areas with something nice and beautiful to see very well. Wherever and whenever you go must be able to do by me.

The Ubud Palace is the one of unique and interesting to see in Bali. It is an old palace with beautiful ornaments of hand carving which is made from local soft sand stones. The palace is located in the center of Ubud District, Gianyar Regency in the front of Ubud Traditional Market that always busy visited by locals and tourist. You can see and buying all of arts and handycrafts which are made by the locals. The products arts you can buy there start from wood carving, painting, silver jewelry, and many others with really reasonable price and quite good quality. You have to know the technical or the tips how to bargain the price of all products there. All the price is not in fix price, there is no products with the price on it thats why you have to ask about the price then bargaining. You can start to bargain from half of the first price offer then making a bit higher step by step. Bargaining is a tradition of loacals here, its a part of Balinese culture. Its so fine but don't be rude and silly.

The market is always open daily start from around 05 AM to 18.00 PM. Its closed only on certain day like Balinese Holiday such as Galungan Day and Nyepi Day for few days at least 2 days till 3 days. You need to change your money to get local currency Rupiah as its no allowed to buy something using foreign money. Its so easy to find out the money changer which get along the road side. There are also a lot of shops be on along road side. But the price of art and handicraft products at the shop is different, more expensive than in the market.

Its a good experience can explore and feel how so different when buying something in traditional market. It must be so fun and enjoyable. You can practice your skill in bargaining, how good skill you have.

If you want to have localy experience to make your vacation memorable please try visit traditional market. You can get a local driver to go there. To find out nice a local driver please find me on my email : [email protected] or my whatsapp : +62 87 862 138 837 or

Facebook : jes-heny harmaningsih.

Take care and see you..

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