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bali transport service to holiday
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bali transport service to holiday

Ubud central and its surrounding is so interesting place for the tourists who exciting want to see more about local Balinese and the atmosfer of old Ubud with their unique culture and arts. But actually, the situation and condition of Ubud is so busy and terrible traffic, too much crowded now. I got some experiences of some tourists that they had a bit unhappy with their trip in Ubud area and its surounding due to the recent atmosfer of Ubud is no like used to be teens years ago.

Its around 30 years ago Ubud was a really old unique village with the life of the people really close to nature and traditionally moreover until now eventhough already got some changing. Their life was full of local relegius activities with peacefull nuance and happines naturely. It was a fortunate for the people have been visited Ubud village in past time. They said that Ubud village was wonderfull place, its just a paradise island, the morning of paradise and many more prestisius phrase for Ubud especially and Bali generally. Honestly, this village has the beautiful landscape, panoramas, traditional life and culture with friendly people. You can not see Ubud again with the view was like 30 years ago.

At present, there is a village which has the life of the villagers and the atmosfer of the environment is just really looking Ubud was past time in 1970. This village is not too far away from Ubud center, its about only 20 minutes in driving. That village is called Belaluan which has a meaning the army gets at the highier land of the village. This village has unique villagers houses mainly the gate of the houses and the walled of the compounds. Mostly the compaounds looking very old style, ancient and still looked after well by the villagers. The nuance of atmosfer is seen so old and ancient and also peacefull so much due to very quite. The location of the village is at a bit into inside in the country side and seen a clump or cluster of trees in the distance. The whole family live in a compound is called pekarangan and each compound is inhabitated one untill four families. At the backyard of compounds always get bamboo trees, fruit tress and other plants grow and where the cowsheds are built. To visit this village you can walk through or driving, the roads are quite good.

Its about 85% of the people here is to be a builder of traditional houses as the first occupation and they are also good farmers, beside beeing good farmers they are also good craftsmen. They has a beautiful skill and nice talents in carving of tranditional houses ornamens. Visitor also admire woodcarving, stonecarving and painting. In the old days people carved only temple and puris or palaces. The most of their buyers is locals because get thousand temple in Ubud that need a restauration or renovation seevices and also gets a lot of locals want to build houses by traditional style with full of carving as ornamens.

The rest 15% is traders, employers and some businessman. Geografically the village is surrounded by the rice field at the south side and the river at north and east side.

If you want to see Ubud like in 1970 year you can see this village and please visit "Belaluan". I would be pleased to serve you in exploring this village. To get more informations of this village please find me on my email : [email protected] or my

whatsapp : +62 87 933 017 063

                     +62 87 862 138 837

I hope can see you in Bali and using my service while you are in Bali.l

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