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best private driver in bali
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best private driver in bali

The Capital City of Bali is Denpasar. It's as the central of business on this island. The Island of Gods is the other name that given to Bali. This name is very popular in the world as the one of destination tourism in Indonesia which's based on culture and tradition of Balinese.

The location of the Denpasar City is not far away from Denpasar Airport, it's only about 17 KM or 45 minutes normarly. The traffic is so terrible there, scooter is still number one as the main transportation in Bali. Almost every one has a scooter in Denpasar. Moreover one person has more than one scooter. Scooter and car are running on one lines together, mixing. The people is preper to ride scooter to go to work, to the market, to the temple and other places because its much easier, faster and cheaper too. No need high cost in maintainance and low tax as well. It's so simple and easy way but a bit dengerous for foreigners.

The tourists also use scooter to go around for touring such as going to the beach for surfing, visiting some beautiful places which has good access to go in.

There are quite a lot of scooter accidents by the tourists and locals. It's no hard to have a temporary license for riding scooter for the tourists especially. The police has a special service office where the tourists can process to get license mainly for temporary one.

Eventhough getting the process of license is so easy but I don't suggest you to try to explor this island because of the rules and the manners of the people are totaly different than at back home in your country. It is just look like no rule for transportation on the streeet. Of course we have it. You will be confusing in riding or driving in Bali.

So, just use a local driver which's provided by the locals who can speak in English. You can rent a car plus driver with very competive price with good service and price. You can join with me. I'll do the best my way.

If you need a transport to go anywhere and whenever in Bali, please find me on my email. I would like to offer you my service in driving around Bali right in half day or full day trip. My price is really reasonable with comport car and full air conditioning and must be always clean.

Please check me on my email : [email protected] or whatsapp: +62 81 933 017 063

Facebook : jesheny bali

Please don't hesitate to ask me for further information.

Thanks and see you in Bali.

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