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cost to hire driver in bali village
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cost to hire driver in bali village

Hindu Bali is a religion from India but it looks different than Hindu in Bali. Why?

When the people or traders from India came to Indonesia mainly in Java Island around earlier century for selling and buying spices, coffees, cloves, genger, cinamon and the others already got contact with the locals. The traders brought their religions and of course cultures as well in doing their selling and buying business. Because they contacted to each other almost in every day must got a proses of acculturation between traders and locals. Foreigners traders mainly from India influenced the locals slowly in hundreds years. This process took long time until acceptable by the locals.

When the traders mainly came to Indonesia, in that time there was not foreign religion yet but the people who live in Java Island already believe to the nature power, such as the power of thunder, power of the sun, the power of the storm, fire, the sky and many others. They believe that each of those power is ruled over by the other powers belong to the Gods and goddess. Because of those power the people really respect to their Gods and Goddess.

Since The Hindu came to Bali through Java Island and accepted very well by the locals. Since that time the people on this island have a new religion and later is called Hindu Bali or Tirta Religion or Holly Water Religion. Actually, Hindu Bali is a religion that accepted through filterisation process upon local culture, Balinese culture. In Bali almost things has a symbol thats why Hindu Religion is also called symbolic religion. I think the Hindu Bali religion is the result of acculturation process between Balinese Culture and Hinduism. This process created a new religion in Bali. The Hinduism is very flexible to the local culture and tradition.

The consept of Hinduism is really fit and acceptable to the local culture. One concept of people's live which has big impact to the communities is called Tri Hita Karana. The philosophy of this concept is very strong in the live of the people. The Tri Hita Karana has three elements which has a good relationship to each other. The first point is the relationship beween human to human, we should keep building relation to other human in a community. How to build the good tolerance, respectful to other people.

The second one is the relationship between human to the environment, the human has to build a good relationship to their environment. How to look after the environment where we live and where we get all the foods we need in our life. When we can live harmony with the environment must be the environment will look after us too. So, we have to care and pay a lot of attentions to our environmet. Its no fair if we just exploite without respectful.

The third point is the relationship between human to the Gods. This relationship has to build as a spirituality needs. We believe that our live is created and ruled by the Gods. How to respect, honor and say thanks giving to the Gods. The temple is the place where we can do it.

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