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driver in bali cost english speaking
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driver in bali cost english speaking

One of the six mayor temple in Bali is Uluwatu Luhur Temple. This temple is located at the southern part of Bali Island with a lot of lime stone of its land. The Uluwatu temple is perched on the clifft exactly and get the ocean around 75 meters along way down.

The Uluwatu temple was built by a Hindu's Priest Man from East Jawa, his name was Mpu Kuturan in around 11 century. He built some shrines around on the clifft and also he spreaded out and teached the people about the Hindu ways in that area mainly to the fishermen.

The second period again got another Hindu's priest man who took a spiritual journey came to the Island with the same mission his name was Danghyang Nirarta. When he had just arrived at that area he founded that already got a small temple complex and he decided to expand it by adding some other shrines and made three different side of the complex. Each of the complex is called Mandala. The first Mandala from out side area is called Jaba Sisi or out side area which is used to take a rest and taking some foods and drinks. This area is also used to park the vehicles like cars and scooter of the viaitor and followers.

In certain time mainly on the day of temple ceremony is performed a traditional dances at this area to entertain the locals after praying. This area is the widest site than two other sides. From this side we can see the small forest is called alas kekeran with a lot of monkey in it. The people believe that the monkey are as the part of the temple which is guarded the temple from bad spirit.

From out side gets the next side is called Jaba Tengah or middle side area. This area is a bit smaller than out side area. The function of the middle side is used to take a rest while checking all of the offering which will presented to the Gods and checking for dress up which used by the followers as well. When everything is ok, they ready continouing come into the inner side area for prying.

The last side is called Jeroan or Inner side area. This complex is the holliest area of the temple. This side is the smallest part which has the capacity only around 60 people in praying. All of the shrines get in this area together, one of the shrines is dedicated to Mpu Kuturan as the founder of the temple and the shrine with multi tier is called meru where the Lord Rudra is worshipped.

This temple has an anniversary or odalan in every six month or 210 days based on Balinese Calender. The day of odalan is fall on Anggara Kasih wuku Medangsia. On this day the temple looks very glamour as all of the shrines, statues, gates and walls are dressed by bright colorfull. There are hundreds even thousands followers come to this temple for prying together with their family.

If you want to visit this place, its better cominh here in the afternoon around at 5 pm and wait for the good moment in wacthing the amazing sunset view. The sunset view at this place is one of the best in Bali. You can see the sunset over the temple while enjoying the show of traditional dance by the title is Kecak and fire dance. The show of Kecak and fire dance is started at 18.00 PM and finish at 19.00 PM. The entrance ticket of the show is Rp.100.000 per person and entrance fee for coming into the temple is Rp.50.000 per person.

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